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Fishing rod Handle types

Handle kind 1 is our standard spinning handle. It gives sufficient length to have numerous hook-setting, fish-fighting power, while maintaining the pole length and fat down for your common spinning rod applications. The butt area is completely made to provide balance towards pole, making per day of fishing more content. Understand chart here for handle lengths on specific models.

Handle type 2 is our standard casting handle. It provides adequate length to possess many hook-setting, fish-fighting power, while keeping the pole length and body weight in balance for your common casting pole programs. The butt area is perfectly built to provide stability to your pole, making every day of fishing convenient. Understand chart below for handle lengths on specific designs.

Handle type 3 is a lengthier casting handle with a bigger butt part. This handle is ideal for heavy duty rods including swimbait or frog rods. The longer handle permits even more influence when setting the hook and battling fish, although the enlarged butt area helps balance these heavy duty rods inside hands, supplying much more convenience while fishing. Begin to see the chart the following for handle lengths on individual models.

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