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Sick Rods - Custom Fishing Rods - Capt. Mark Law. Photo by Glenn Hayes

Face it… Custom Fishing Rods will be considered among COOLEST Holiday Gifts for your loved one!

Have you ever thought such as your fishing rod was an extension of supply – a part of you – while could feel precisely what was occurring after the line? That’s the sensation of fishing with a custom fly fishing rod perfectly matched to you personally and also the types of angling you prefer.

Capt. Mark Law builds custom fishing rods that will not merely be fit to hold in the wall surface as fine art pieces, but are in addition created to make the demands of charter use and beast fish. Out of a little storefront on Florida’s western Coast, Sick Rods, he builds rods for enthusiasts global.

Their customized fishing rods craft had modest origins. Legislation was in fact around fishing boats for sale since he was 12 years old. He done very long liners and soon after on his own charter boats, gaining a wealth of fishing knowledge. As rods smashed, they required restoration and – due to an extremely tight budget – Law learned tips get it done himself. “It was regarding need, ” he explained, as well as the fixes needed to be done to last.

After a friend showed him the basics of wrapping rod eyes, he decided he wished to find out more. His repair works evolved into amazing artwork. Law credits his household for their artistic part.

Legislation now works together a massive number of materials, and his custom fishing rods consist of custom freshwater spinner and casting rods to extremely custom saltwater battle sticks. Products is as simple as fiberglass and cork (rebuilding grandfather rods to their original condition) or as exotic as Kevlar and snakeskin. Any shade and style may be made-to-order, and no demand is refused.

When a client places a purchase, Law very first determines what type of fishing will likely to be done additionally the kind making of reel which is attached to your customized fly fishing rod. These aspects help determine what form of rod blank should-be utilized. Choices could feature standard fiberglass, carbon composites or a carbon/Kevlar blend.

After that a decision needs to be produced in regards to what variety of eyes goes in the pole, what amount of and in which they'll be placed. The builder determines the spline of this rod, or in which the levels that comprise the blank overlap. Law says it is essential to install the eyes along this spline or even the pole will usually twist under pressure. Micro-eyes are an increasingly well-known option. They're a great deal smaller and are also utilized in better number so that the range comes off the spool with less “belly” between your eyes, making it possible for maximum casting length.

The grip of pole is yet another decision. Legislation features a special graphite composite handle he hand-makes with a thumb ball shaped towards the size of the client’s hand. This grip accentuates vibrations therefore the experience associated with rod, helping to give it that tailor-made feel. When their consumers encounter it, they aren’t interested in any grip.

The size of the handle can also be custom-made, based on how the rod is held when fishing.

Once the components are typical determined the custom fly rod is built. Truly the only decision leftover is of looks.

picture by Glenn Hayes

The decorative part of the pole has actually a dizzying selection of choices. Those days are gone of either just rod color and thread design. Law offers feathers, customized colors and epoxy marbling, with customized graphics and logos.

The custom fishing rods he creates for ladies be seemingly dominated by the unique skins, whereas charter captains choose abalone layer. Because of the unlimited possibilities, he's had not a problem creating customized rods eg a purple fire themed rod for a retired firefighter, group themed rods, rods with inlaid songs ratings for a musician, biker rods just as showy and shiny while the motorcycles they truly are known as after, or a full pair of coordinated rods for star competition anglers.

A retired judge requested a cobra themed pole, when a real cobra mind ended up being given a skin, the top was integrated to the pole. This pole is much more of a showpiece, nevertheless that it might be fished with day in and day out.

The fact that Law is in track with existing trends and technology and a dynamic charter captain facilitates building rods that do not only look exceptional, but could fish extremely well.

A current illustration of his trend-setting work is the unusual wrap of eyes in a spiral on some of his custom fishing rods. When commissioned to create some custom tournament rods, Law approached Gary Loomis (of Loomis pole popularity) and asked exactly how he'd setup a dream tarpon rod for 200-pound-plus fish in 75 legs of liquid. His answer was a rod with a spiral place using the eyes beginning on the top of this rod and gradually rotating into the underside for the pole, getting rid of the perspective pressure which developed whenever a sizable tarpon tensions the rod.

The successes of the custom fishing rods in tournaments a year ago will really prompt other individuals to be aware and follow fit.

Capt. Law states you will find few custom fly rod builders willing to do what he does because it can be tedious and requires several hours in the workbench.

The average easy customized fly rod could take no less than six hours, not including drying time between stages. Time is included because he sets three coats of epoxy for each pole, with six hours drying out time passed between coats, unlike some builders which only apply one dense coat. After that comes all the complex adornments and imaginative finishes.

But Law acknowledges that he gains tremendous satisfaction once the custom fly fishing rod is complete and then he views the appearance on his client’s face upon distribution. He creates rods which can be both art and function, making a fun activity all the more enjoyable.

Thinking about A Custom Fly Fishing Rod? Contact Captain Mark Law. A Custom fly fishing rod would be the PERFECT Christmas Gift!

Sick Rods – Personalized Fishing Rods

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