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How to Store Fishing Poles?

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Method 1

Keeping the Rod
  1. Fish aided by the guides aligned to reduce use on your own line. The guides will be the material rings that hold the range to the rod.
    • Sand nicks in guide rings to avoid the line from breaking when you have a fish on. If you fail to get the nick out by sanding with good sandpaper, change the guide. Examine the guides with a magnifying glass and pass a cotton baseball through the bands. Cotton will get when there is a nick you simply cannot see with a magnifying cup.
    • Search for rust from the guide bands and the reel chair - where the reel connects. If there is rust, change the guide ring.Image titled Maintain a Fishing Rod action 1Bullet2 Sand rust off the reel chair with good sandpaper and repaint.
  2. Avoid banging your rod included, rocks or any other surfaces. Rods are fairly fragile, and also small nicks or scratches can lead to breakage.
  3. Clean your pole with a fabric, warm water and vinegar or moderate detergent every time you finish fishing. In the event the pole is soiled, take away the dust with a soft-bristle brush or a toothbrush. Allow the pole to dry completely before putting it away.
    • Take extra treatment to wash your angling rod if you've been fishing in saltwater, as discover a higher possibility of deterioration.
  4. Image titled preserve a Fishing Rod action 2Rub the rod's bones with candle wax or paraffin to prevent rubbing. The joints, also known as ferrules, are the places where individual parts of the rod join.
  5. Wear gloves as you fish in the event your rod has a cork handle. Essential oils inside epidermis could potentially cause the cork to wear out sooner.
    • If the cork handle has already been worn, wet the rod hold and sand the cork grip with fine, waterproof sandpaper. Then, put some soap on the sandpaper and gently rub the cork. Rinse off the detergent and let the grip dried out. Be careful not to scrub the rod itself with all the sandpaper.
  6. Fill little holes with an assortment of cork filings and lumber glue or lumber putty.
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