Fishing Rod

Antique bamboo Fishing Rods

Antique bamboo Fishing Rods

Classic fishing rods are the most useful of type when it comes to collecting old fishing poles. These old rods are sought out by serious enthusiasts, and several are willing to spend thousands for almost any given pole that they desperately need to enhance their private prized possessions. Prepared for a quick small history concept? Classic Rods Versus Vintage Rods There seems…

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Stand up Fishing Rods

Stand up Fishing Rods

Within the last decade, composite rods are overpowering. Fiberglass-and-graphite ­construction rods produce the effectiveness of fiberglass, in addition to the sensitivity of graphite, claims Mike Whitman, manager of advertising for Fin-Nor rods. All-glass rods are generally less painful and sensitive and far heavier when compared with composites, he states. Rod manufacturers…

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Fishing Travel Rods

Fishing Travel Rods

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Fishing rod Selection

Fishing rod Selection

With approx. 44 million Americans whom list fishing because their favored leisure activity and 15 million even more which fish sodium water (according to the Superstudy of Sports Participation conducted by American Sports information, Inc), recreational anglers outnumber participants in most various other outside sports. It requires a mixture of determination, ability, finesse…

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