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The benefits of cigarette smoking fish tend to be manifold. Fish smoking prolongs shelf life, enhances taste and increases utilization in soups and sauces. It decreases waste often times of bumper catches and permits storage space for slim season. It increases necessary protein availability to people throughout every season and tends to make seafood simpler to bring, transport and market.


The skill of seafood cigarette smoking, considered because old as civilization, combines three primary processes:

Preparing - since the cigarette smoking is done at conditions above 80°C, the skin associated with fish is cooked, the heat destroys micro-organisms resting on and in the seafood and enzymes into the guts and flesh are de-activated;

Drying - the fire which creates the smoke in addition generates heat, which dries the seafood;

Smoking - the smoke is generated by burning wood containing some compounds, a number of which kill micro-organisms; the method has a preservative value.

The smoking cigarettes procedure takes the form of damp hot smoking cigarettes or dry hot smoking. Both processes are carried out at conditions high enough to cook the seafood. Wet hot smoking cigarettes usually takes about 1-2 hours and yields a moist, versatile product with about 40-55 per cent dampness content but a limited shelf lifetime of 1-3 times. Dry hot smoking, which is generally preceded because of the previous procedure, takes about 10- 18 hours, sometimes days; producing seafood with 10-15 % dampness content, often also below 10%. Fish smoked by this method have actually a shelf lifetime of 6-9 months whenever kept precisely.

Smoke-drying is definitely the most common strategy, since the circulation means of the smoked fish might take quite a while and manufacturers often wish store it for months while looking forward to an even more favorable marketplace.

The basic actions involved with fish smoking tend to be:

Cleaning: The fishes tend to be bled, gutted and gilled to get rid of the representative of deterioration using knife.

Brining: The washed fish tend to be soaked in salt answer (30percent)

Smoking: The fishes are smoked traditionally using either cylindrical drums, range kilns


There are many issues associated with the conventional processing techniques which predispose the artisanal catch to large scale post-harvest losings estimated at over 20% of this complete landed fat.

• low quality product as a result of fish being damaged by tough handling of this seafood on line nets accustomed help all of them across fire

• reduced smoke and heat, leading to uneven smoking cigarettes

• Limited capability of smoking bigger amounts of seafood

• Time consuming regarding amount of time needed seriously to handle the seafood in cigarette smoking.

• Continual focus on power of flame and rotation of trays to experience even drying of fish.


Smoking kiln produced by Federal Institutes Of Industrial analysis Oshodi, (FIIRO)

A few of the problems from the neighborhood approach to smoking was looked after with all the improvement a smoking cigarettes kiln designed and fabricated in 2001 by Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and aquatic analysis (NIMOR)

It is made from a heating chamber that is filled up with charcoal and recharged by fire. The washed or addressed fish is packed into trays and provided in to the kiln. Drying is recognized as sufficient if the dampness content has actually decreased to about 25per cent.

Packing: The smoked fish is packaged neatly in clear cellophane nylon ready for sales.

Economic significance of smoked fish

The amount of smoked seafood from western Africa going into the great britain is projected to stay in the region of 500 tonnes per year with a retail value of £5.8 to £9.35 million (Ward, 2003). Nigeria presently exports roughly 5 tonnes of smoked seafood monthly - 60 tonnes per annum. Incorporating this utilizing the neighborhood demand regarding the item; obviously reveals the economic potential of investment is fully guaranteed.


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