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For centuries, anglers around the world used smoke to protect the excess catch that could never be eaten fresh. Although this ended up being done under a whole lot more primitive circumstances, the basic tips and formulas of this process itself stay mainly unchanged even yet in the face area of modern-day advancements and gear. However, although the smokers of yore considered this process off necessity, today we use this procedure to not preserve, but to boost, the surface and also the flavor for the cooking satisfaction.

Some cannot realize difference: cold smoking doesn't in fact preserve the fish, nor does it prepare it (as hot smoking cigarettes does)– it really is really a natural product that needs refrigeration just before consumption – and for the unused portions. At Browne Trading, where our products are all natural and without synthetic additives, shelf life is generally less than numerous assume. Another misconception is smoking cigarettes “improves” seafood which have fallen down or is of poor – when absolutely nothing could possibly be farther from truth. Smoking cigarettes cannot “mask” the flavor or top-notch poor seafood, which will be readily obvious within the style and scent even with smoking cigarettes.

Salmon remains the preferred smoked fish in contemporary cuisine (although mackerel, trout, sablefish and sturgeon stay preferences generally in most nations). An element of the selling point of the salmon for smoking is due to its wonderful fat content that provides it a rich flavor along side its skin structure which will be naturally flaky. Care must certanly be taken nonetheless – excessively fatty salmon operate chance of becoming too greasy after cigarette smoking (this might be more common with richer Wild King, or Chinook, Salmon) and ultimately ends up being more greasy than pleasant. The arrival of farm increasing the Atlantic salmon, provided on a stable diet and harvested at a fixed readiness, consistently creates a fish utilizing the perfect fat structure when it comes to smoking process.

Cool cigarette smoking salmon, basically, is a simple – albeit time intensive – process: at Browne, from planning toward final packaging, our smoked salmon types simply take literally days to make per batch. It includes the standard phases: organizing the Fish, Curing, cigarette, and undoubtedly on a commercial scale, Slicing and packing:


We begin with the freshest Atlantic salmon fillets and pin bone tissue all of them by hand, after that clean them and prepare all of them is treated. Skin is remaining on to keep the fillet collectively before very last phases of slicing.


Probably the most widely used techniques tend to be a dry-cure, or brining (liquid) – at Browne we apply our remedy yourself in a dry-rub. Curing can be used to draw from dampness and is mainly sodium – although we use sugar and – and other natural herbs & herbs depending upon the recipe. The salt of this treatment draws out the moisture inside the fish – tightening the texture and imparting deeper flavor. The fattier the seafood, the less dampness is drawn which prevents it from drying out an excessive amount of – for this reason salmon’s great appeal. Once the remedy has been used, the fillets are placed on racks to heal for at the least 18 hours in refrigeration. Prior to going to the cigarette smoker, the fillets tend to be rinsed for the salt/sugar treatment and air dried regarding racks.


“Cold smoking” occurs when the ambient temperature is leaner than 90 levels F. At Browne, inside our professional cigarette smoker, or kiln, we keep ours at an optimal 78 degrees F. While cigarette smoking periods vary, typically we ensure that it it is to around 6 hours per group. Key into procedure could be the sort of wood used (in fact potato chips, which are more of the consistency of sawdust – allowed to smolder slowly so the aromatics of this lumber essential oils tend to be circulated). Hardwoods are preferred, and fruitwoods chosen – cherry particularly – and at these reduced temperatures create a mild “cool smoke” that normally improves the taste regarding the treated fish. At Browne, our cigarette smoker produces just about 120 fillets per group, rendering it a real artisanal production.

Slicing & Packaging

After the fillets have gone through smoking cigarettes processes, they are cooled on racks for more than 40 hours. When ready for slicing, the skin is removed, and every fillet is hand-fed through our customized slicer. After that, the slices tend to be portioned, placed on our customized packaging, and independently cryovaced, labeled, and ready available or shipment.

Cool smoking fish can be done home when it comes to motivated chef utilizing the appropriate room and gear, but generally speaking is very labor intensive and requires a home cigarette smoker, outdoor space, and an abundance of trial-and-error. For people who benefit from the texture of smoked seafood, but don’t have the resources had a need to correctly smoke in the home or perhaps in their particular restaurant, give consideration to a simple Grav Lox recipe (old-fashioned Gravlax could be the merely treating for the seafood in salt and sugar for a couple of times, without cigarette smoking process.)

Citrus Basil Smoke Salmon If you are purchasing our smoked salmon or smoked fish and shellfish items yourself or as a present, consider having it shipped on a night out together closest to expected consumption for ideal pleasure. Smoked products can be frozen if required (leave in packaging and freeze upon bill) – but must be consumed no later on than a few months. For best results, item should-be thawed in refrigeration 1-2 days just before use; don't thaw at room-temperature or perhaps in a microwave because it will greatly minimize high quality. We don’t recommend further “cooking” cool smoked seafoods.

Extra Resources:

Jim Peterson’s Fish & Shellfish cookbook outlines in exceptional information how-to Cold Smoke (and Hot Smoke) Salmon home.

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