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The Ultralight Collapsible Fish Pen Rod and Fly reel combination is ideal for your display, backpacking, success kit, and for showing-off towards buddies. This completely working, micro sized Pen shaped fly fishing rod will come in a difficult aluminum situation only 8 inches lengthy. This combo includes a simple working fly reel. Reel Dimensions - additional Diameter 1-7/8", internal diameter of range spool is 1".

The pen sized pole is normally called the "earth's Smallest Fishing Pole" - It weighs in at just 55 grms (a comparable as 9 quarters). The rod telescopes and reaches 36 ins and contains 4 eyelets for range.

It compacts down to 8" for storage. The pen pole weighs about 55 grams. The pole has actually Five Fiberglass Telescoping Sections and 4 range eyelets offering nylon inserts for smooth line movement.

The incorporated rod case/handle comes in colors - RED, BLUE, gold and silver.

Video Showing the Pen Rod, and group of Reels Available

Don't let the tiny size trick you. This really is a competent rod with numerous activity. We get reports of 4 lb+ fish with this pole, you just need certainly to play all of them right. This Pocket Sized Pen pole and fly reel tends to make a fantastic gift for a fisherman.

The end rod part bends to 90 degrees. The bottom 3 portions are stiffer, with about 10 degrees of flex. This really is a lightweight rod, forced 'hand' bending beyond these restrictions causes breakage that's not covered under warranty. The sole damage we have experienced is during lab examination - where we deliberately go beyond the limitations. We heard rare cases of seafood breaking them and oh what an account that have to make.

The Fly Reel is standard, silver finish without drag environment, but practical

This combination is definitely our lightest - combined rod/reel - fat is 113 grams. Special base clip to install toward pen rod. Reels usually do not incorporate fishing line.

Information for fly fishermen : The small dimensions imposes some limitations, the 36" amount of the rod doesn't give you the whipping action of a lengthier traditional long fly rod, so that your shoulder gets exercising. With some rehearse, and a suitable setup, casts could be meant to 30 foot.

Report about Tips to Properly Setup the Pocket Pen Fishing fly-fishing Combo:

First string a part of regular monofilament backing line towards reel. Use no more than 10 yards of 2 or 4lb test in a specialized small-diameter line (like Spiderwire or Berkley Nanofil offered in sidebar). Connect it on reel with a nail knot and hand reel the line on the spool. Following: the little pole eyelets require the use of really light fly line (slim 000 size). We worked with Cortland Line business to package a specialized lightweight fly range with this pen pole setup (see sidebar). You are going to need to make use of a perfectly tied and clipped nail knot to connect the fly range on backing monofilament which you have previously spooled on. Keep knots tight and trim excess so that the knots will fit through the eyelets. Eventually: make use of a nail knot to tie fly frontrunner line towards fly range. Utilize light line - for instance 5x (3.5 lb test - sold in sidebar) and even 7x (2lb test) try out leader length, we discovered that 4 feet seemed to perform best Tie the the best choice knot not in the tip eyelet, just before casting. Connect your fly on end for the frontrunner and you are clearly prepared cast. Whenever a fish strikes, drag may be regulated by light thumb rubbing in the reel, there's absolutely no inner drag environment with this reel.

Various other Notes Concerning The Pen Fishing Rod and Fly Reel Blend:

Specify your rod shade choice into the selector box. We can not guarantee all colors come in stock but we have it appropriate 99percent of the time.

Get your self associated with the specialized line kinds and tying tool sold in the sidebar. This is basically the location where to buy these items. If you think you may be low priced to get all of them in your local fly shop you will find that you'll have to invest $60 -$100 trying to replicate everything we have right here Their particular packaging is actually for full-sized fly setups and you'll wind up spending money on extra range you will never use. We're a portion of the price. Save your time, cash and frustration and play-off our several years of knowledge about this product. Note: you'll see gold finish variations associated with fly reel in older photos and video clips. That color had been discontinued at the beginning of 2014 and it is no longer available. Gold finish reels are the just type readily available. Desire even more ? Find out about customer adjustments to your pen fly fishing rod to see even more activity movies right here:

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