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  1. Ensure you get your fishing around degree 20 by net-fishing shrimp. This will allow you to fly fish.
  2. Purchase a fly-fishing pole. You will get these from fishing shops.
  3. Get some good feathers. Either purchase them from Grand Exchange or fishing stores for around 5 gp each or eliminate birds and collect the feathers they fall.
  4. Visit a fly-fishing place. Well-known people tend to be Camelot and Barbarian Village. There is a fishing spot in Lumbridge.
  5. Image titled Fly Fish on Runescape action 2 visit a fishing area that says "Lure Fishing Spot" and you will be fly-fishing!

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  • From amounts 50 through 99, try to catch swordfish! They are a great way of earning money.
  • Fish like typical nevertheless when you have got a full stock, drop all of your seafood on the floor and perform. Do this for quick XP.
  • Seafood like normal before you have a full load. Go right to the closest lender, bank, and repeat. Do this for maximum money.
  • Reach degree 40 and you may fish lobsters with a lobster pot.

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