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All That Glitters is Gold: The Highest Priced Fly Fishing Rod

We know that fishing gear are pricey, from an entire tackle package to having your very own ship. Hell, I’ve observed children with enough gear that i'd scarcely call whatever they do fishing. Nevertheless when it comes down right down to it, it is possible to truly tell exactly how much someone’s spent into fishing by their particular fly fishing rod and/or knowledge of such things. Just what exactly is one of costly fly rod? Let me break it straight down for you personally.

Getting the worthiness and Esteem regarding the Bamboo Rod

Generally, the most expensive fishing rods tend to be “Fine Bamboo Oyster Rods”, that are unique hand-cut fishing rods made from bamboo. It is possible to purchase it on the internet and contain it made from scratch or order one that’s already been made. The most expensive fishing rod is a bamboo oyster rod which has 24 karat silver engraving upon it. It starts at $4, 600 and goes up in cost for almost any engraving/customization that you will get. However, if you’re wanting to get one thing sooner (or cheaper, heaven forbid), then here’s some of the pricier fishing rods in the marketplace today.

Scott SC Fly Rod

– see website with on line dealers at
This fly fishing rod is made of bamboo and each 12 months incorporates the latest technology in fishing. Between the hollow banks with swells into the carve for ergonomic assistance therefore the silver ferrules, this pole is amazing in every aspect. The handmade Snake Brand guides are covered in transparent silk and dipped in varnish to top it well. This’ll cost around , 200, but who stated that living easy is cheap?

bamboo rodOrvis Penn Creek Bamboo Comprehensive Flex Fly Fishing Rod

This baby, priced at , 400, is a lovely split bamboo pole which is once again intended for fly fishing. it is created for the specs of catching trout, and is an attractive piece for anybody wanting their particular very first fly-fishing rod or contributing to the collection.

Bamboo 1856 805-3 Full Rod

– In addition found at Orvis.
Another absolute beauty! This 1 will run appropriate out of the home at $2795. It's a 3 piece Fly rod, that covers 8 legs assembled, and is created for 5 fat range. View the tip with this prize as you're walking down the path. Careful also during transportation, especially if you make fast techniques up the river and do not break the pole down whenever.

Purchase Tailor Made Bamboo Rods

Aficionados associated with bamboo fly fishing rod appreciate the craftsmen which make a living building these costly masterpieces. Many of these accuracy crafters wouldn't be found beyond personal contacts. Many make a small business from it but and certainly will be located online. They run shops around the world. One great illustration of these types of an organization is Sweetgrass Rods. Based in Twin Bridges, Montana, Sweetgrass boasts a couple of different lines of tailor made rods.

The Sweetgrass Series

– Priced at $2000 for a 2 piece, or $2500 for 3 and 4 piece rods.
The Sweetgrass series boasts an overall performance which is corresponding to or much better than its appearance. Each customer is absolve to select exact bamboo to be utilized for the creation of their rod. The bamboo is then control sanded by among 3 professionals, before it goes in the layer process. Sweetgrass rods tend to be completed with a sterling silver hook keeper. Crafted by a local jeweler. Your individual inscription within root of the pole is roofed when you look at the cost, and acquire this.every rod is sold with an extra matching tip. Wow! This would be an excellent destination to just take a tour of on a rainy non fishing time, or while on holiday.

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